Manufacturing is the most important private sector industry within Minnesota. Within the state, there are more than 8,300 manufacturing establishments, and Minnesota manufacturers are responsible for 327,549 jobs. The industry represents the single largest private sector component of Minnesota’s GDP, totaling $49.2 Billion, or 16 percent of total GDP.

Given the large percentage of GDP and jobs which manufacturers are responsible for within the state, fulfilling the talent needs of the state’s employers is critical to the economic vitality of individual employers, and the entire state.

With that in mind, Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence (the Center) contracted with Landsverk and Associates, Inc. to conduct an environmental scan, pulling together details and findings on manufacturing resources and needs within the state. The scan includes labor market information, a summary of K12 education and outreach efforts, and details of current manufacturing training models primarily in use by Minnesota’s institutions of higher education.