Come Home to Fosston Campaign

The City of Fosston has implemented a “Come Home to Fosston” marketing campaign as a place branding strategy. The annual print publication features noteworthy articles on developments in the City and is sent to all Fosston alumni.

Place branding (including place marketing and place promotion) is a new umbrella term encompassing nation branding, region branding and city branding. Place branding is the process of communicating the desirable features of a geographic locale to a target market. Many municipalities, including the City of Fosston, are implementing place branding strategies.

The idea of the “Come Home to Fosston” campaign is that it is easier to attract someone who has roots in a community than it is to attract someone who has no knowledge or ties to the geographic locale. Small towns and rural areas may have the most to gain from place branding strategies.

I had full responsibility for this project from concept to mailing, including identification of articles to include in the issue, interviewing people and writing content, as well as layout and design of the print piece.

This is the fourth issue of “Come Home to Fosston” that I have created.

I highly recommend Michelle’s consulting services.

Chuck Lucken

Administrator, City of Fosston